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Global Baptist Theological
Institute & Seminary

Global Baptist Theological Seminary, with 30 years of tradition, is not just a research institute that pursues academics.

Global Theological Seminary is a community of believers dedicated to serving Jesus Christ.

We aim to provide students with a balanced education. The school's staff provide the highest level of education in education.

It not only provides teachings, but also teaches the words of truth to be dynamically implemented in daily life.

​Global Baptist Theological Seminary prays and strives every day to nurture graduates who live mature lives and who are well prepared to fulfill the calling and mission entrusted to them.

2023 Fall Semester Program

<New Testament Theology 1> 

This course is an overview of important theological topics in the New Testament. These themes are understood in the progressive revelation of God's salvation history in relation to the Old Testament and Jewish background. It also covers how the study of New Testament theology has developed historically and the important theological/hermeneutical issues related to it. Thus, this course will discover important theological themes revealed in the New Testament and outline important issues related to them, while establishing a solid theological foundation for the calling and life of Christians in this era.

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<Systematic Theology 1>

It helps you understand the overall content of the first half of the major doctrines of systematic theology and points out important issues, helping you reflect on your personal religious life and make a decision to make a new commitment to church life.  


<Church History 2>

This class provides a research overview of the history of the church from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance through the Reformation to modern times. It covers the background and development of the Protestant Reformation, the era of progress until World War I in 1914, and the activities and beliefs of the modern church that developed thereafter.


<Missionary Studies>

As the revival of the Acts of the Apostles occurred again after the Reformation, young people dedicated themselves as missionaries and bore the fruit of continuous missionary work, and Korea also saw the result of young missionaries who dedicated themselves through the American revival movement coming into unknown Joseon at the end of the Joseon Dynasty and sowing the seeds of the gospel. It developed the church that has grown today. And now, numerous Korean missionaries are going out to all corners of the world to serve as missionaries. “Modern Missiology” is a lecture that teaches and discusses what the core of missions is and how to approach missions specifically.


Fall semester 2023
August 21st (Monday) ~ December 5th (Tuesday)

Our Mission

This seminary was established for the purpose of training workers for Christ who will carry out the martyr-like mission of conservative theology and world missions that believe in the Old and New Testaments as the accurate and infallible Word of God.

Therefore, this seminary prepares students to become disciples or ministers who resemble the image of Christ.We will strive to help you grow (Matthew 28:19-20; 2 Corinthians 3:18; 2 Timothy 2:2)

Our Pledge

To provide the best, most reasonable education that our highly qualified faculty can provide.

To commit ourselves to the word of God to provide this excellence in higher education.

2023 Winter Program

1st Special Lecture <Hermeneutics, Understanding and Life>

Human life can be defined in one word as a ‘journey of understanding.’ The fundamentals of humanity are understanding God, and understanding oneself and the world. This understanding, like faith, does not end with simple knowledge but is confirmed in life, the realm of practice. The discipline that helps this understanding can be called hermeneutics. This class first studies general hermeneutics through philosophical and historical approaches. We also study biblical hermeneutics and Christian doctrine, which are deeply related to our Christian faith. Through this hermeneutics, we seek to academically systematize the horizon of understanding of God, humans, and the world, while at the same time finding its application in today's life.

2nd Special Lecture <Rational Emotional Therapy and Pastoral Counseling>

Charles Taylor saw that when he closely observed the problems people faced, there was a part of faith, or theological issues, inherent in the problems. The worry, guilt, and oppression experienced due to irrational beliefs are the basis for psychological pain. In this lecture, we hope that the students' own problems will be solved by first examining the area of these irrational beliefs. In addition, we hope to be equipped with effective pastoral counseling tools that can help local neighbors and communities by utilizing the counseling techniques, theological reflection, and church support acquired through this lecture.

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2023 Winter Special Lecture Now Open!
Hermeneutics, Understanding and Life (June 13-16, 6-10 p.m.)
reasonable decision
Western therapy and pastoral counseling (July 11-14, 6-10 p.m.)

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